Medical Outreach Indigenous Chronic Disease Program (MOICD)

The Northern Territory Medicare Local NTML receives funding from Commonwealth funding to deliver remote outreach visiting services through the Medical Outreach Indigenous Chronic Disease (MOICD) program. The program works alongside the Rural Primary Health Services visiting allied health program, and together provide a range of predominantly allied health services to over 80 communities across the Northern Territory.

The aim of the MOICD program is to increase access to a range of health services, including expanded primary health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, in the treatment and management of five identified chronic conditions: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, chronic renal (kidney disease) and cancer.

This includes increasing access to multidisciplinary care in primary health care settings and increasing the range of services offered by visiting health professionals to prevent, detect and manage chronic disease more effectively.

Services include: podiatry, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, cardiac and diabetes education, dietetics, speech pathology and occupational therapy.

These programs promote a coordinated, multi-disciplinary team approach and the provision of equitable distribution of services based on identified health needs of each community.

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Debbie Erswell
Principal Program Officer - MOICD

t 08 8982 1031 e